I'm a writing this little paragraph to remind the citizens on why President Trump is the best choice to lead this great nation. At times we have questioned the Presidents choice of brass language, he often illustrates to make a statement, to drive his point home. I personally have cringed at some of the words he has used to describe either a certain organization or directly to an individual. Let us take into consideration the background of Trump; he is the first person ever elected to the U.S. Presidency without any previous government experience. This is a man who made is wealth as New York City real estate developer and reality TV star. He has built hotels, office towers, casinos, golf courses and also appeared on 14 seasons of " The Apprentice". Guess the point that I am trying to lay out, is that Trump has learned to be brass, hard nosed at times and frankly not politically correct.  That is why we elected him, "POTUS" is not a career politician, he is a get things done business man. Like many citizens, he has made his fortune the American way, showing grit, determined not to fail, hustle and get it done type of person. As the old saying goes," you can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs".  Many Accomplishments have been made by Trumps' Administration, below is 10 that shows he puts Americans first!

  • Manufacturing jobs growing at the fastest rate in more than Three Decades.

  • Median household income hit highest level ever recorded.

  • African-American unemployment achieved the lowest rate ever recorded.

  • Hispanic-American unemployment hit lowest rate ever recorded.

  • Asian-American unemployment achieved the lowest rate ever.

  • Women's unemployment reached the lowest rate in 65 years.

  • Veterans' unemployment reached its lowest rate in nearly 20 years

  • signed the biggest package of tax cuts and reforms in history. After tax cuts, over $ 300 billion poured back in to the U.S. in the first quarter alone.

  • As a result of the tax bill, small businesses will have the lowest top marginal tax rate in more than 80 years.

  • Reformed Medicare program to stop hospitals from overcharging low-income seniors on their drugs-saving seniors hundreds of millions of dollars in its first year alone.

 So let us not get caught up in his unorthodox ways of getting things done, we elected him for his actions, not by how he speaks. Trump will most likely never stop tweeting, name calling, or simply saying some pretty outlandish things, what he will do is what he promised the American people," Make America Great Again"!!!! God Bless The United States of America!

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